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A cookie is a file thatisdownloadedtotheuser’scomputer / smartphone / tabletwhenaccessingcertain web pagestostore and retrieveinformationaboutthenavigationthatismadefromsaidcomputer, butdoesnotprovideuswithinformationaboutitsname, noraboutanyother personal data of yours, consistingsolelyforthepurposes of operation, security and statistics.The cookies we use can notread data fromyourcomputerorread data fromother cookies. You can set your browser towarnyouonscreenthatyouwillreceive a cookie. Iftheuser decides nottoaccept cookies, thiswillnotpreventhimfromaccessingtheinformationon

“Trafalgar13 Music House, S.L.”uses itsown cookies tomanagethedifferentservicesofferedtotheuser, and dependingonitspurposewe can distinguishbetween:

Session cookies:They are a type of cookies designedtocollect and store data whentheuserlogsintotheprivatearea of This cookie expires at theend of thesession, erasingfromyourcomputer.

Persistent cookies:They are a type of cookies in whichthe data isstored in the terminal and can be accessed and processedduring a perioddefinedbythepersonresponsibleforthe cookie, which can rangefrom a few minutes toseveralyears.

Technicalcookies:Arethosethatallowtheusertonavigatethrough a web page, platformorapplication and the use of differentoptionsorservicesthatexist in it, forexample, control traffic and data communication, identifythesession, accesstorestrictedaccessparties, remembertheelementsthatmake up anorder, performthepurchaseprocess of anorder, maketherequestforregistrationorparticipation in anevent, use securityelementsduringnavigation, storecontentsforthedissemination of videos orsoundor share contentthrough social networks.

Personalization cookies: These are thosethatallowtheusertoaccesstheservicewithsomepredefined general characteristicsbasedon a series of criteria in theuser’s terminal, such as thelanguage, thetype of browser throughwhichtheuseraccessestheservice , the regional configurationfromwhereyouaccesstheservice, etc.

Analysis Cookies: These are thosethatallowthepersonresponsibleforthemto monitor and analyzethebehavior of theusers of thewebsitestowhichthey are linked. Theinformationcollectedthroughthistype of cookies isused in themeasurement of theactivity of thewebsites, applicationorplatform and fortheelaboration of navigationprofiles of theusers of saidsites, applications and platforms, in orderto introduce improvements in function of theanalysis of theusage data madebytheusers of theservice.

AccordingtotheWorkingGroup of Article 29, in itsOpinion 4/2012, it has interpretedthatamongtheexcepted cookies of compliancewiththeobligationsestablished in article 22.2 of the LSSI, are thoseusedtoallowonlycommunicationbetweentheuser’sequipment and thenetwork, and thoseusedstrictlytoprovide a serviceexpresslyrequestedbytheuser, beingthosewhosepurposeis:

– Cookies of «user input»
– Authenticationoruseridentification cookies (sessiononly)
– Usersecurity cookies (Forexampletodetectrepeated and erroneousattemptstoconnectto a website)
– Multimedia playersession cookies
– Session cookies to balance the load
– Customization cookies fortheuser interface
– Complement cookies (plug-in) toexchange social content

Session cookies and user input cookies are usuallyusedtotracktheuser’sactionswhenfilling in online formsonseveralpages, or as a shopping baskettotracktheitemsthattheuser has selected at thepress of a button .

Iftheacceptance of cookies strictlynecessaryfortheprovision of certainservicesexpresslyrequestedbytheuserisdisabled, you can notconsult and / orcorrectlyreceivethecontents and services of

Thefollowing are the cookies used in

Name Domain / Host Purpose Persistence

“Trafalgar13 MusicHouse, S.L.” also uses theanalytical cookies of the Google Analyticsservicefortheanalysis of ourwebsite. These cookies are usedtocollectinformationaboutthe use of ourwebsitebyvisitors, usingtheinformationtofacilitate and improvenavigation. Disablingthese cookies willnotaffectthefunctionality of

Google AnalyticsisGoogle’sanalyticstoolthathelpswebsites and appownersunderstandhowtheirvisitorsinteractwiththem. You can use a set of cookies tocollectinformation and reportusagestatisticsonwebsiteswithoutpersonallyidentifying Google visitors. More informationabout Google Analytics cookies and informationaboutprivacy at

Someparts of the Web can be connectedwithvarious social networkssuch as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, etc., so youshouldconsultthe cookies policytheyoffer in each case beforeusingtheirservices.

You can allow, block ordeletethe cookies installedonyourcomputerbyconfiguringtheoptions of your Internet browser. Next, weindicatethe links of themain browsers wheretheyexplainhow:

– Internet Explorer
– Google Chrome
– Google Chrome para Android
– Mozilla Firefox
– Safari
– Safari para IOS (iPhone – iPad)

These browsers are subjecttoconstantupdates and modifications, so we can notguaranteethattheycomplyfullywiththeversion of yourcurrent browser. Itisalsopossiblethatyou use another browser notincluded in these links, so youshouldconsultthehelp of your browser to configure the use of cookies.

Ifyouwishtowithdrawyourconsent at any time relatedtothis Cookies Policy, youmustdeletethe cookies storedthroughthesettings and settings of your Internet browser.

Thepurpose of this Cookies Policyistoinformyou in a clear and precise wayaboutthe cookies used in In case youwant more informationaboutthe use of cookies you can requestitby email to

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© ArchipelagoMusic 2021. All rights reserved. Legal Notice | Privacy Policy | Cookies Policy

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